Knee Pain

Find the cause of your knee problems

Our knees are essential for everything we do – a fact that often goes unnoticed until
something is wrong with them. 
Knee pain can occur very suddenly or increase over time.
In addition to the acute complaints, chronic pain can severely affect a person’s quality of
life. In order to ensure everything returns to running smoothly soon, it’s important not to
ignore your knee pain.








How to support your ankles’ health

The ankle is among the joints in our bodies that are subjected to the most strain. It is critically involved in every single step, taking on a variety of important tasks and bearing the complete body weight. It links the foot to the lower leg, enabling us to take stairs, jog or climb mountains. To do that, it needs to be stable, able to bear weight and agile at the same time. Since it is made up of many delicate components and at the same time needs to resist extreme amounts of strain, it is unsurprisingly prone to injury. Find out here which conditions and injuries are common, how they are treated and what you can do to support your ankles’ health.